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    Blog — PETA

    Proud winners of the best Feather-Free Cushion Category!

    Proud winners of the best Feather-Free Cushion Category!

    The number of people adopting a vegan diet continues to be on the rise, but when it comes to a vegan lifestyle, it’s also about the items we fill our homes with.

    The PETA Vegan Homeware Awards celebrate the products, brands, and designers at the top of their game. HETTY+SAM are delighted to be included in this list as winners of the Best Feather-Free Cushion!

    HETTY+SAM Duck Egg & Copper Cushion

    Our cushions covers are made using 100% cotton (some using 100% polyester), whist the super soft insert pads are filled with a high quality blend of microfibre. Microfibre is a synthetic fibre made from a blend of polyester that is soft and offers an excellent alternative to those looking for a feather free cushion.

    We were fortunate to be included alongside some incredible brands, here are some of our favourite picks from the winners list:


    This elegant candle is made with 100% pure soya wax and natural essences. The relaxing scent of basil blends beautifully with the energetic zest of the citrus fruits to bring atmosphere to any room.


    Smartdown technology uses recycled plastic bottles to create a filling that mimics the sensation and properties of goose down without the cruelty involved in obtaining down feathers from birds. Bonus: Smartdown is more resistant than feathers are, guaranteeing comfort and cosiness for longer.


    An eco-friendly home accessory that helps prevent sheep from being harmed for wool, this patterned rug will be a stylish addition to your abode – and as part of H&M’s sustainable Conscious Collection, it’s made entirely of recycled cotton.


    Find out more about the winner and read the full list of winners at PETA UK.


    Create&Case are now approved by PETA!

    Create&Case are now approved by PETA!

    As a company who are proud to encourage cruelty free clothing and accessories, we were extremely proud to have been certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This charity run organisation is world's largest animal rights organization with more than 5 million members and supporters who promote the rights of animals.

    PETA focuses its attention on the four main areas, of which one includes the clothing trade. No animals should harmed, endangered or compromised in any way to manufacture clothing, shoes or accessories. Period.

    Charities such as PETA have helped to promote animal rights which has greatly improved the lives and treatment of animals. Companies and brands alike have been keen to offer the growing number of ethically minded shoppers, alternatives to leather and fur. Celebrities including Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman have now introduced cruelty free collections within their fashion line up.  

    Create&Case are proud advocators of cruelty free, vegan leather fashion accessories. We constantly push the boundaries of design to creative fashionable, yet 100% animal friendly clutch bags, phone cases, cushions and wallets. Absolutely no animal lives are compromised in the manufacturing, designing and overall creation of our products, and we remain dedicated to continue this. But we are not stopping there! We are still researching and finding alternatives to improve our products and raising the boundaries to make them more eco-friendly. So keep an eye on us.

    Find out more about what PETA do here: http://www.peta.org/features/what-peta-really-stands-for/