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    O U R   S T O R Y 

    In 2013, we started HETTY+SAM with a clear vision to create an iconic and contemporary fashion accessory brand that stood out from the crowd. We desperately wanted to create an alternative to a typical ‘black’ bag with another - that sparked conversation, had an ethical and deeper meaning but equally looked stylish.

    We’ve been inspired by the innovators, the dreamers and the daring; and our designs embody this very spirit.  Over the years, we managed to curate a growing collection of accessories and lifestyle products that are cruelty free and support artistic talent globally.



    A R T I S T I C   S U P P O R T 

    All of our products feature artwork and designs from some of the most innovative and progressive artists. We’re so proud to be able to support over 15 (and counting) designers by giving back a percentage of every sale made, in the hope of encouraging and supporting further artistic talent all around the globe.


    C R U E L T Y   F R E E 

    Our first ever product (an iPhone 4 case!) was sketched with instructions to avoid any form of leather or animal by-products whatsoever. We always felt strongly about not using any form of leather or fur in any of our products. Animals are in the heart of our designs and protecting them in any way we can has always been important to us. We are proud to have all our products recognised and approved by PETA.